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We have had the privilege to collaborate with the gorgeous Natalie and we can say she is such a lovely person. We just loved following along on her Surrogacy Journey and watching her with her son's. Nat you are an inspiration!



1. First things first, Coffee or Tea in the morning, and how do you like it?

Absolutely a coffee girl! I love my mocha's!


2. Can you please tell us a little about what keeps you busy Mon-Friday?

Yes sure, so I'm a full time solo māmā to 3 boys. Cooper is 15, Mateo is 10 and Benji is 6 so that in itself keeps me busy. I've also just started a new job this year as an Executive Assistant. Im absolutely loving it so far.


3. Tell us a little about your journey in becoming a mother yourself and how have you embraced motherhood?

I was a really young mum and had a surprise pregnancy at the age of 18. I wasn't sure if I was ready being so young and not experiencing life first. My friends were all off at uni or traveling the world. It was incredibly hard but I wouldn't take it back for the world. 

I met my then husband and we had 2 beautiful boys together. But when my youngest was 10 months old, home life really changed for us. My boys and ventured out on our own when they were 10, 5 and 10 months. It was scary and quite lonely becoming a solo mum. You're faced with a lot of judgement, people often think its the woman that caused the issue or that something is wrong with her. I faced a lot of awful comments over the years. For me, my main focus was for my boys to have a healthy, loving and stable home life.

I learnt very quickly that no one was coming to save us and that I was in control of what our future and what it looked liked. The mindset changed and then we just kept smashing goal after goal together.

4. We are absolutely in awe of you and think you are so amazing for being a surrogate - What made you decide to become a surrogate?

Thank you so much 💛  I've always felt a pull in my heart to be a surrogate and to help a family. I never quite knew where to start or what I needed to do. I found my IP's (intending parents) via social media, and just fell absolutely in love with them and what they stood for. I loved how they were raising their son and their whole village. One night I randomly messaged them as I had never met them before. Everything fell into place and the rest was history. 


5. How did your family and friends feel about your decision to become a surrogate?

My friends were not surprised at all. They all knew it was something I was always really keen to do. My family were a little concerned as pregnancy is such a huge journey in itself, let alone doing it for another family. But they became more and more supportive. 


6. What are the challenges of becoming a surrogate in NZ?

The main challenge is that its not talked about enough and that no one really knows where to start unless its right in front of them. It's a really closed off topic. Which is why I started my instagram account to start the conversations and squash the perceptions. 
My IP's started an incredible website Lovemakesfamily. There you can find people who are looking or offering sperm, eggs or uterus (surrogates) to help create families. It's seriously so incredible!


7. Is it something you always wanted to do?

Yes 1000% it is. I have absolutely zero regrets. 


8. If you had to choose one parenting mantra for yourself, what would it be?

I think for myself with boys its to always be strict but fair, routine and consistency is our key and always love them throughly so that they know they are always supported.


9. What are you most proud of in your motherhood journey so far?

There are so many. But I would say it would be standing on my own 2 feet and supporting my 3 boys. Im really proud of our wee family.


10. If we were to come over for dinner, what would you cook us?

Oooh would have to be chicken thighs wrapped in bacon with a side of broccolini salad. Super easy and so yum!



11. And lastly, where can we find you online?

You can find me on instagram at:
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