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We have been following this gorgeous mama for a long time now and thought it was about time we got to know a little bit more about her!



1. First things first, your morning routine, hit us with it?

I jump straight out of bed throw on my active wear (so I have no excuse) head down stairs for my Vitamins and collagen and a big glass of water. I then meditate and head to train. When I am back, I make myself a protein shake and then get my beautiful boy up at 7am and feed him. 


2. Can you please tell us a little about what keeps you busy Mon-Friday?

I can’t say it’s Monday - Friday more Monday-Sunday.

No two day is the same, and my life is a constant juggling act. Right now I feel like all the balls are just rolling around on the ground haha I’m spread so thin but that’s mum life right?! 

I have my freelance hair and makeup business. I run my activewear company Embrace, Nada which is eco friendly cleaning products.  

Then I run my social media Chanel’s which involves keeping a very consistent stream of content to keep followers engaged as well as responding to questions and messages that come in daily (often thousands) with a large number of brand ambassador roles for other brands where I create regular content for them. 

When it’s not COVID times I do a lot of travel for work and also host and speak at events around New Zealand. 


3. What has been the biggest eye opener for you since becoming an influencer online?

For me “becoming an influencer” was never a goal or even something I realised was a thing, i fell into my job. I have realised you get out what you are willing to put in.. in nearly 7 years there has only been 3 days (when I gave birth to my son) where I haven’t showed up online and shared my life. Hard work, determination, and commitment will get you places in life. 



4. What brings you the most excitement in your daily work or life?

Being able to incorporate my job / jobs around my most important job title “Mother” I love that Asher gets to be a part of it all. 


5. Tell us a little about your journey in becoming a mother yourself and how have you embraced motherhood? 

I have wanted to be a mother for as long as i can remember, from as young as 3 I have memories of dreaming of having a family of my own. I’m not really sure how I have embraced it, but he has just slotted into our world like he was always a part of it. Nothing could have prepared me for this, it’s the greatest thing I have ever experienced. 


6. If you could sum up the 9 months of pregnancy in 3 WORDS from your perspective, what would they be? 

Happy, exciting, love. 


7. How do you find your “me time”?

This is something I do struggle with, so my morning routine and my exercise is my me time! 



8. Do you plan on having more children? 

We would love to have one more baby.


9. Where would you take us if we came to visit you for a weekend?

We love a good family beach day or hike out west! Anything in nature brings us the greatest joy as a family. 


10. And lastly, where can we find you online?

Simone_anderson on Instagram 

Simone’s Journey to health on FB


Simone wears our Florence, Ada and Ivy dresses | 9.02.22

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