Ethical Manufacturing


Here at Lilou we are all about building a brand based around love, respect, and compassion. For us, it means aiming to reduce the negative impact on people, animals, and the planet. Producing an item of clothing involves design, labour, and materials. Ethical fashion is kind to the planet and people every step of the way, from seed to garment.

Our mindset consists of: No fast fashion, no overproduction, just thoughtful pieces designed to last a lifetime.



We worked long and hard to find a company that had the same values as us and were committed to ethical and sustainable fashion. Our pieces are designed here in New Zealand, and manufactured by one our supplier based in India.

They believe in paying fair and ethical wages to their labourers as that is a very strong pillar of their core values which was also extremely important to us too. We have a great relationship with them and unfortunely haven't been able to make our way to India yet to meet in person but in the meantime have been treated to video calls, photos and amazing communication discussing fabrics and product development.



  • That employment be freely chosen, not forced. No child labour.
  • That working conditions are safe and clean
  • That living/fair wages should be paid
  • That working hours are reasonable
  • No discrimination of any kind
  • Makers have continuous work
  • That harsh or inhumane treatment should not be allowed
  • Using natural dyes and organic materials




"Craftsmanship is the undeniable heart and soul of our company. We believe the most sustainable way of producing a garment is to make one that is built to last. Every detail, every stitch, every button would be perfect. They would be built with passion, worn with pride and cherished for years. Craftsmanship, that’s what we dreamed of."

"Transparency across our supply chain is vital to ensure that our workers are respected. We only partner with units that pay ethical wages to their workers and have safe factory conditions."

"We adopted few of the affected units in Mumbai and provided them with continuous work. Trained them to work in methods that are sustainable for the environment and resource efficient.

We believe in paying fair and ethical wages to our labourers as that is s strong pillar of our core values. "