Winter can be tricky if you’re looking to have outdoor photos, depending on where you live, and we all know NZ doesn't have the best track record for our winter months.....did someone say rain?!!

It’s definitely cold and the weather is unpredictable during Winter, and while you could easily choose a beautiful indoor shoot, its nice to take advantage of the stunning wintery landscape and that moody lighting (embracing the cold might be hard, but it will be worth it).


Consider your landscape. 

I personally gravitate towards neutral colours, especially for timeless shoots like Maternity + Family Sessions, our Sienna Dress in Oatmeal, Cora Dress in Beige or our Esme dress in Off White are a perfect example of some neutral dresses to wear for a wintery session.



Considering the landscape of your shoot location is important when initially deciding on what you’d like to wear. Choose a dress that would really stand out against the scenery you have chosen, our Cora dress has been a popular choice for these cooler months. It really stands out against the wintery colours of the landscape as you can see below.



Consider the climate.

There is no denying it, its COLD here in New Zealand during the months of winter, so if you cant brave being cold for your shoot, you will need to dress appropriately. That is when layering will become your best friend, especially if the dress has short sleeves, like our Sienna Dresses. Wear our Sienna dress with a coat and boots for a gorgeous winter look. Another great option for a winter maternity session is our Esme dress (comes in Black and Off-White) as it is a midi length and has full sleeves. 




Absolutely consider the weather, and dress accordingly. If you can’t find a long sleeved option, consider a dress that would look great with a cardigan! Chunky, cream and Beige coloured cardigans are always beautiful in professional shoots.


Go with solid colours.

Solid colours are far more timeless than patterns and prints, and will only highlight your baby bump more. That's why we only have solid coloured dresses at Lilou. We find that prints tend to take away the focus of the bump which is not the goal for a maternity shoot. Adding texture (through wearing a long coat or cardigan) is much more beneficial. A scarf or layering underneath is another beautiful option!


Choose a dress that will compliment your baby bump.

There are certain styles of dresses that are better for pregnancy than others. You want the waistline hitting ABOVE your bump, which is a key component if there’s a waistline in the dress. Floaty dresses (like our Cora dresses) are always gorgeous as well because they sit over the bump and can be styled with your hands above and underneath to really accentuate your bump.

Being pregnant is such an incredible experience and we love to celebrate the magic of that amazing mama body! We believe all of our dresses here at Lilou are perfect to wear for a winter maternity shoot (or any season throughout the year). The hardest part will be choosing which one to wear!

We also offer a special Lilou Photography Package which you can check out all the details here!

Maternity photoshoot of couple at beach, women wearing a off white maternity dress



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