Congratulations - you’re expecting. This is an exciting time filled with so many memorable milestones. From the positive pregnancy test to feeling the first movement to the arrival of your new baby, there are so many exciting things to look forward to.

Deciding when to buy maternity clothes will be different for everyone. But if you want some helpful tips on when to start looking, then get excited as we have some great options for you below!


Pregnant ladies wearing maternity dresses that are breastfeeding friendly


When to start wearing maternity clothes depends on how you carry, personal preferences and whether this is your first pregnancy.

Some expectant mamas start to buy maternity pieces as early as the first trimester. Others wait until they start to show or some simply never buy maternity clothing and would rather size up in everyday clothes. Comfort and fit are the most important factors that influence when to buy maternity clothes. Above all, finding something that makes you look and feel good is what matters most!


Do You Need First Trimester Maternity Clothing? 

The first trimester is full of discovery and anticipation. Its normal to feel a little nervous in these first 12 weeks and more often then not there is no sign of a bump yet so you’ll likely be able to wear a lot of non-maternity clothing at this stage.

If it’s not your first baby, your body has an amazing memory and you may show earlier. Either way, the first trimester is all about pulling out comfy favourites and enjoying being able to still fit all the clothes in your wardrobe.

Anywhere from eight to 12 weeks is an excellent time to start with the basics. Or choose pieces that you can wear from your first trimester right through to when baby is born. Finding versatile dresses that can be worn in every stage of pregnancy will not only save you money, but also means you will get longevity from these pieces and can cherish them forever. 

Round out your first-trimester maternity wardrobe with a mix of slouchy pants, t-shirts, fitted leggings and versatile dresses. These are investment pieces that you can wear now and after you welcome your baby.


When to Buy Second Trimester Maternity Clothing?

It’s time to share your pregnancy news (if you haven't already). The second trimester is a time where you go from barely showing to a beautiful pregnant bump. While every pregnancy is totally different, this is generally when your little belly makes an appearance.

Still thinking about when to start wearing maternity clothes? The second trimester is the perfect time to add maternity pieces to your wardrobe. This is the trimester where most moms-to-be feel their best. Step out with confidence and in style in these maternity essentials.

When you are ready to start buying maternity clothes, a good, versatile dress is worth the splurge. Trust us! Dresses during pregnancy offer style and elegance in an easy one-and-done outfit. They can easily be worn dressed up or down and are easy to layer in those cooler months. Between midi, maxi and wrap style dresses , you’ll have lots of styling options with a variety of colours and fabrics.


Pregnant women wearing a brown maternity dress that's breastfeeding friendly


Third Trimester Maternity Must Have Styles

By the third trimester that bump of yours will be all out. This is also often the time during your pregnancy when baby showers or baby-moons appear on the calendar. Styling your changing body can be challenging in this trimester, especially when you might be feeling uncomfortable, tired and getting used to your new mama body, but we think these special moments are worth dressing up for.

The baby is growing a lot during these last few months, and your bump most probably is too. This is the time to lean into maternity dresses that make a statement. 

Oversized dresses are universally flattering, and especially on expectant mamas. They top our list when it’s time to start buying maternity clothes. Find a dress that adjusts with your growing baby belly and is comfortable. Also look for dresses with buttons down the front to make breastfeeding super easy after baby comes. 

We recommend buying maternity dresses that are versatile and can be worn during pregnancy but then long after you have had your baby, as we are all about sustainable fashion and long lasting pieces. Opt for a classic black maternity dress that can be worn dressed up or down and let your accessories shine!


Lilou esme dress white maternity breastfeeding


Ready to add some maternity dresses to your wardrobe? Browse our range of dresses that will bump up your style for every stage of your motherhood journey. You're welcome!


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