Ok, so we all know winter is arriving and it is getting cold out there (much to my distaste, I am a summer gal through and through) But this doesn’t mean you need to shove your dresses to the back of your wardrobe to gather dust in exchange for pants and a jumper all winter long!

Sure, dressing for winter is a bit trickier if you're pregnant or breastfeeding but we are here to tell you how to keep warm and stylish, with your ever-growing bump (You're welcome)!



Layering will be your best friend in these cooler months and is key for adding added warmth to your outfit. Our dresses can be layered in many ways and below we will give you some ideas.

Long maternity t-shirts, singlets or long sleeve merino tops can be layered underneath your dress and still look amazing!

Wear stretchy fabrics as a base, add one of our dresses, then layer with your favourite warm and cosy sweaters or jackets on top. I will usually pop a jacket or coat over our Dalia or Nixie dresses with a tee underneath and I am set. If it warms up a bit during the day, it's easy to take off the jacket and leave my arms on partially exposed. 

Cardigans are a super versatile option for all stages of pregnancy. Layer one of our dresses, add a warm scarf for extra warmth and here us a fun fact for you...cardigans make a great outfit choice if you're breastfeeding this winter too. All our breastfeeding friendly dresses have buttons or tie shoulders making a cardigan the perfect easy access choice! 


Green maternity dress layered with a cardigan


Wear a Midi Length Dress!

Not only are they super stylish, midi length dresses keep you warmer in winter with the extra added length and also make a great choice for pregnancy. Featuring a soft, comfy fit our new Esme dresses or our beautiful Sienna dresses will see you right through your pregnancy and beyond.

Pair any of our dresses with tights and boots, and layer with a cardigan or a winter coat for an incredibly stylish (and warm) outfit!


Pregnant women wearing an off white maternity dress


Swap sandals for closed shoes!

It's still possible to get away with wearing open toed shoes but the further we get away from summer (I'm not crying, you are!) the more likely it is that temperatures will cool down during the day and those tootsies of yours will feel the cold! 

As such I am starting to swap my sandals for boots or sneakers and luckily for us our dresses still look amazing worn with these options. A couple of my favourite outfits at the moment are...

1. Our Cora dress in Beige or Black (this dress is made from a thick cotton gauze material, so keeps you warm without having to layer it too much) with a pair of chunky boots.

2. One of our Sienna dresses in either Moss Green, Oatmeal or Burnt Orange, matched with a pair of white sneakers and layered with a long sleeve merino underneath or a white linen shirt over the top.


green maternity dress worn with boots


Choose breathable fabrics!

When you're pregnant you're likely to feel warmer then usual (a perk of being pregnant in winter time) as pregnant women have an increased amount of blood in their body, so even though its cold, its still important to choose breathable fabrics that will keep you dry and comfortable!

Our dresses are made in soft organic cottons, linens and cotton gauze materials, which are all known to be super breathable. They are soft, durable, dyed with organic dyes and are easy to care for making them an easy choice all year round. 

We hope the tips above are helpful in finding ways to keep you and your growing bump warm while not having to compromise on style. We cant wait to see how you rock our dresses this winter!



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